Prerequisites for eligibility:

The “ASPAwards” contest is open to all amateur and professional photographers, open to everyone globally. Contest organization members and everyone who is involved in the realization of the festival are not allowed to take part in the contest.

Pictures can be taken anywhere, but it will be the author’s responsibility not to infringe the laws of the country where the pictures are taken. Pictures can be taken with any photographic device (including smartphones), both digital and on film.

By entering the Competition you hereby accept these competition rules.

The cultural association “Officine di idee” retains the right to disqualify all works that are not conform to this contest, or that are considered obscene and/or slanderous.

Kick off and end of the contest:

The contest starts on the first of November 2018 and ends on the 15th of January 2019 at 23.59 (Italy time), deadline for handing in the work (DEADLINE HAS BEEN EXTENDED TO 17th OF FEBRUARY). Should the committee deem it appropriate, they might prolong the deadline; the “extra time” will be advertised a few days before the deadline on the website of the contest, on social media pages and on partner websites.

Image type:

Photographs can be taken with any photographic device (including smartphones), both digital and on film. Images taken on film must be digitized before submission.

Only pictures uploaded to the website will be accepted

Categories and special theme:

Submitted works must abide by the following themes:

  • “Travel Photography”
  • "Documentary Photography"
  • "Street Photography"
  • “Project and Personal Research"
  • "Special Theme"

For a full description of the categories see the section "Categories".

Selection criteria and prizegiving:

All works will be submitted to the jury anonymously. Each judge will be responsible of selecting semifinalists, finalists and winners of the category to which he has been assigned. The decision of the jury is final and unappealable.

The total number of semifinalists will be 40, 25 for the “series” (5 per category) and 15 for the “single shot” (5 per category). The total number of finalists will be 24, 18 for the “series” (3 per category) and 6 for the “single shot” (3 per category). The winners will be 11, 5 for the “series” and 3 for the “single shot”, plus 2 awarded in the category “young”, 1 for the “series” and 1 for the “single shot” and 1 overall winner, the "ASPAuthor 2019". In addition to the winners of all the categories, there are also the "Sponsor Award" and the "Blow-Up Award", a special recognition given to some authors whose projects adhere to the theme of the edition that this year is Migrations. The winners of the "Blow-Up Award" will be selected by the organizers of ASPA, while those of the "Sponsor Award" by a jury composed of some members of “Fujifilm Italia”, a member of the publishing house “Sprea”, and a representative of the town’s administration of Alghero (Sardinia - Italy). Additionally, honorable mention will be awarded to some authors among the total number of participants.

Judges will evaluate “single” shots of each category, taking into account the emotions that the shot can convey, but not only that: composition, subject, light, all elements must work together in making the image transmit a strong message. Composition, technique, uniqueness and creativity will all concur in the final evaluation.

As to “series” images, different factors will be taken into account: being able to tell a photographic story and its message; the substance of the story; the personality and courage in approaching the developed idea. Moreover, the construction of the sequence will play a role, so please make sure that the single shots work together, since the jury will not assess single shots in this category.

The "ASPAuthor 2018" will be chosen on the basis of the quality of their work(s), as well as their adherence to the essence of the festival.

All winners in the categories “series”, “single shot”, “young”, and "Blow-Up Award" – whose works will be projected during the gala night in Alghero former civic market on Friday, the 26th of April 2019 (date may change) – will be asked on stage and awarded on live-streaming.

The "ASPAuthor 2019" will be proclaimed by the jury – on a general sitting – among all winners of the other categories, including the “young” award. Each judge will choose a vote from 1 to 10 for each winning work. The total sum will proclaim the "ASPAuthor 2019", who will be called on stage for the award.

Specifications of the submissions:

Images must be saved in JPEG and sRGB colour profile with a maximum weight of 4 Mb. All finalists will be asked to submit high-resolution versions of their work, saved in JPEG and RGB colour profile. Images with logos, frames or signatures are not allowed.

Prints and framing of the works destined for the exhibits:

All works that are destined for the exhibit will be printed and framed with costs borne by the organizational committee. Even if the "series" uploaded are maximum 12, we will print only 10 of them. The sequence will be chosen by the organizational committee together with the author.


Post-production is only allowed with optimization purposes. Digital manipulations that heavily alter or revolutionize the image will not be accepted. Brightness, contrast and colour balance are allowed as well as the removal of disturbances on the image (dust spots and other minor elements). It is allowed to crop an image, but any operations aimed at adding or removing elements from the image are forbidden. Judges have the right to disqualify any image they will judge exceedingly manipulated. All finalists can be asked to provide original files (original RAW or non-modified JPEG). Photomontages and HDR pictures will not be accepted. Digital frames and signatures are not allowed.

* As for the category “Personal Project and Research” – solely and exclusively for this category - post-production, photomontages and HDR pictures are allowed and can be used at one’s own liking, so long as they are used for expressing the personal language that the author wants to give to their work.

File name, work title, and description:

Files can be named as you prefer.

Once that all the "single" pictures have been uploaded you can fill out the field provided for the description of the work, where the author can include all information they think might be of use (preferably in English or, as an alternative, in Italian), and a field for the title of the work (preferably in English or, as an alternative, in Italian). For translations from other languages, translating tools by Google.

As for “series”, it is mandatory that the author compiles the synopsis of the work in the field named “synopsis” and the title (preferably in English or, as an alternative, in Italian). Sequence can be modified on the website once that all the pictures have been uploaded and it it is not possible to modify the sequence once it has been submitted.

The jury will make a judgment based on the sequence given by the author.

Once you have uploaded the images on the website, you will receive an email confirming the correct submission of your work.

Photography Contest Entry fees:

  • 1 image, category “single shot”: 10 € (5 € by the 30.11.2018);
  • 3 images, category “single shot”: 20 € (10 € by the 30.11.2018);
  • 5 images, category “single shot”: 30 € (20 € by the 30.11.2018);
  • 10 images, category “single shot”: 40 € (30 € by the 30.11.2018);
  • “Series” (minimum of 4 images, maximum of 12): 30 €

Young (under 22) entry fees:

The candidacy in the class “young” is applicable for those who, at the moment of the application, have turned 14 years of age and have not yet turned 22 years old. The reduced fee will be automatically applied by the system upon registration, once you have entered your date of birth. Those who will enter the semifinal as “young” will be required to send a copy of their ID (passport or national ID card) within 7 days from the moment of notification. Should they fail to do so, they will not be allowed into the final selection.

Minors will have to fill out the consent form, signed by the parents upon registration to the contest. The form can be downloaded here.

  • 1 image, category “single shot”: 5 € (3 € by the 30.11.2018)
  • 3 images, category “single shot”: 10 € (5 € by the 30.11.2018)
  • 5 images, category “single shot”: 20 € (10 € by the 30.11.2018)
  • 10 images, category “single shot”: 30 € (20 € by the 30.11.2018)
  • “Series” (minimum of 4 images, maximum of 12): 20 €

Payment methods:

  • Paypal
  • Credit card
  • Bank transfer to the account “Officine di Idee”, via Don Giovanni Minzoni, 192 - Alghero (SS) - Italy, Banca Prossima - IBAN: IT18F0335901600100000152880 - Swift code: BCITITMX


There will be no refunds.

Upload of the images on the website:

Images can only be submitted via the internet and uploaded on the website.


The "ASPAuthor 2019" will receive a prize in money of € 1.000,00, while all other winners of the categories (only “series” images) will receive a prize in money of € 500.00.

The prize for "ASPAuthor 2019" might become € 1,500.00 in case the jury – on general sitting – should announce as winner an author who was already awarded for one of the “series” categories.

Prizes must be retrieved in person by the winner, during the prizegiving ceremony, or by another person delegated in writing by the winner.

The trophy will only be awarded to the authors (or delegates) who will attend the ceremony. It will not be shipped.

The jury’s decision is final and unappealable.

For a complete overview of the prizes see the section "Prizes".

Privacy statement and processing of personal data

By entering the contest, you agree to the terms of the Italian Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 (privacy) and subsequent modifications: taking part in the contest implicates, for the author, giving authorization for the processing of personal data – by electronic means or otherwise – and their use by the association “Officine di idee”, for the development of the contest and for associational/federative purposes.

Personal data can also be used to inform the authors, through newsletters if need be, about results and future initiatives.

Legal responsibility:

The association “Officine di idee” takes no responsibilities for possible repercussions concerning submitted works, and for any sort of problem experienced by the participant during the phase of participation to the contest and the festival. Furthermore, by participating in the contest, each author takes responsibility for the submitted work, including the description text. All participants are responsible for everything they upload to their profile. The author of a work is the sole responsible party for possible law-violations and they relieve “Officine di idee” and its members from any responsibilities.

In case of images showing recognizable faces, it is the author’s responsibility to possess a model release form signed by the subject(s) of the image.

The contest respects the author’s right, and the copyright on the submitted works will not be held by the contest’s organization. We comply with the principles set out in the "Artist's Bill of Rights".

By taking part in the contest, the authors of winning and short-listed entries grant to the association “Officine di idee” a perpetual, worldwide royalty-free license and consent, without time limit, to use the submission on the website and our winners' archive, on social media pages, on partner websites, on promotional material, in the event of exhibits or national and international events that are coordinated or promoted by “Officine di idee” - and no other purpose - without compensation to the entrant, his or her successors or assigns, or any other person or entity, except where prohibited by law. "Officine di idee" is obliged to cite the name of the author each time they use his or her work. In case of any mistake, it will be up to the association "Officine di idee" to correct it, after being notified by the author.

By taking part in the contest, the authors of non-winning and non-shortlisted entries grant to the association “Officine di idee” to promote the competition - and no other purpose - subject to a time limit not exceeding (3) three years following the announcement of the winning entries for the competition the non-winning and non-shortlisted entries were submitted to.

Any rights metadata present in works submitted will not be removed, altered, or added to by "Officine di idee" or our sponsors.

Participants certify under their own responsibility that all submitted works are of their own making and do not infringe any copyright, third party’s intellectual property, or violate anyone’s privacy.

Use of the works:

Participants accept that their works can be used by the association “Officine di idee” (and partners) for contest purposes only, and nothing will be owed to the author. In particular, the submitted works might be used for the following purposes:

  • Judgement of the works by the jury
  • Publication of the works on the website, on social media pages and on partner websites
  • Publication of the printed works during the exhibit
  • Publication of the works on books and catalogues
  • Publication of the works on posters, social media pages and partner websites with the sole purpose of promoting the contest and the festival

More generally, we declare that no work submitted for the contest will be made available for sale or used by our partners for commercial purposes.

We would like to specify that the pictures taken during the photowalks in Alghero might be used by the “Fondazione Meta” foundation to assemble a historical archive of the city of Alghero.

Modifications of the regulations:

The association “Officine di idee” reserves the right to modify these regulations, with obligatory electronic notification to all participants.