Paolo Sirena

Portrait of Paolo Sirena, member of the Alghero Street Photography Awards judges

Born in Collinas (Sardinia) in 1971, Paolo Sirena obtains a highest-honour degree in Modern Literature with an Art major after a scientific study path. In 2000, he wins a graduate scholarship and works for six months at the Musée des Beaux Arts de Nancy, in Lorraine, where he refines his passion for art and museology. Back in Sardinia, in 2001, he works at the Museum Sa Corona Arrubia, of which he becomes the first and only director, from 15th of January 2007 on.

In the last decade, he took part in the organization of more than a hundred exhibition events, amongst art, history, anthropology and ethnographic exhibits. Some of the most successful exhibits are worth mentioning, namely the Egyptian Man in 2003, with 70,000 visitors, the Mammoth exhibit in 2009, with 60,000 visitors, and the ones about Da Vinci’s Machines, Pre-Columbian Civilizations, and Etruscan Civilization that registered an average of 25,000 visitors.

He is currently the president of the “Alghero Foundation”, the institution that curates the promotion of big events in the city of Alghero.

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