Former Civic Market

25 maggio 201: Opening of the I edition of the “International Street and Authorial Photography Festival”. The Godmother of the evening will be DJ Sarah Jane, from Radio DeeJay.

  • Ziyah Gafić"Short stories from complicated societies”, installation

Gafić aims at capturing the stillness and determination of people who try and go on about their lives in spite of situations of crisis and conflict. The selection of images, focused on the double theme of faith and infancy, suggests a fresh reflection on the complexity of contemporary times; a complexity lived as a resource rather than as an obstacle.

Ziyah Gafić, (1980, Sarajevo)

Graduated in compared literature in Sarajevo. From 1999 on he travels and covers with his photography all major events in 40 countries. His works have been exhibited at important galleries and festivals, such as “Visa pour l’image” in Perpignan, at “Rencontre d’Arles” and “Fovea Editions in NY”. Among others, he won the “World Press Photo”, the “Photo District News Award”, and the “Kodak Award for Young Reporters” at the “Visa pour l’Image”.

  • "Boski Collective""404/Project not found", video projection.

Polish collective, active since 2014, they act as a group of undefined number. They believe in the concept of community and shared work. As their own name suggests (Polish for “divine collective”), they investigate the concept of divine, descended into the small things of everyday life. They suggest a rediscovery of the marvel in the simple gestures, perceiving life as a continuous epiphany. Since 2017 they frequent Sardinia.

  • Jazz exhibition organized by JazzAlguer, cultural fair curated by Paolo Fresu presents TILDO JAZZ QUINTET composed of five performers, Mauro Conti (drum), Mauro Dore (bass, trumpet), Raffaele Mele (guitar), Piero Minghetti (sax tenor) and Luciano Sezzi (sax baritone and contralto). During the presentation of Boski Collective projected on San Giovanni Tower, the quintet will offer an enjoyable jazz performance revisited with a good bit of improvisation.

During the inauguration evening of the festival, the winery "Sa Defenza"  (Donori, Sardinia) will offer a selection of their wines for tasting.

26 May 2018: Prize-awarding ceremony for the winning works of the ASPA contest and proclamation of the "ASPAuthor 2018".

The evening, hosted by DJ Sarah Jane, will be broadcasted on live-streaming; during the event all finalist works will be exhibited, and each winner will be called on stage to receive the ASPA trophy from the hands of the judge who chose their work. The end of the evening will see the announcement of the "ASPAuthor 2018".

  • At the end of the awards it will be possible to visit the exhibition dedicated to the winning works in all categories.

27 May 2018:

  • Authorial Encounters in collaboration with Fujifilm. Meeting with the photographer Francesco Comello (1963, Udine, Italy), winner of the third “World Press Photo” prize in 2017 (category: daily life); name of the work: “L’isola della salvezza” (Salvation Island). Comello will present his exhibit and tell tales of his project. “Salvation Island” is the tale of a small Russian community immersed in a sort of XIX Century utopia.
  • Meeting with Giovanni Follesa, artistic director of the "International Festival of Travel Literature D.H. Lawrence". Follesa will talk to Sonia Borsato about the relation between words and photographs.
  • Presentation of the book "Alghero Persone, Storie, Speranze" in collaboration with "Libreria Cyrano | Libri, vini e svago".

01/10 giugno 2018:

  • The exhibition dedicated to the winning works in all categories joins the photo exhibition by Giuseppe De Palmas of the Rally Italia Sardegna. At the exhibition there will be some racing cars, and documents related to the world of rally and motor racing. The exhibition precedes the Italian stage of the World Rally Championship scheduled from 7 to 10 June in Alghero.

Porta Terra Tower

The Portal Reial, renamed Porta Terra tower in the Sabaudia period, represents the main entrance to the city. The crest of the crown of Aragon, formerly looking over the square from atop the tower, is now preserved inside the tower. The tower is structured into two floors, and is now an info centre.

12/24 May 2018: Waiting for ASPA – Open Monuments Alghero

  • Exhibit of the author Salvatore Ligios, with the project “Làcanas. Uncertain borders”

This work is focused on some of the elements that characterise the landscape rhetoric, looking to mine their statics and immutability. The landscape becomes an occasion to redefine the identity of an island in transition between two millenia.

Salvatore Ligios (1949, Sardinia, Villanova Monteleone, Sassari)

He was director of the museum “Su Palatu” between 2000 and 2008; the museum is now a cultural association. He was part of the teaching staff of Photography at the “Academy of Fine Arts” in Sassari. He has exhibited his work in Italy as well as abroad, and he has published more than 40 photographic books.

San Giovanni Tower

Sant Joan or San Giovanni tower: originally showing the same structure as Porta Terra Tower, this tower was probably considered less of a strategic key-point, and the top floor was removed in the first half of the XVIII century. Its entrance was originally on the top floor, through a gallery that crossed the curtain.

12/24 May 2018: Waiting for ASPA – “Open Monuments” Alghero

  • Exhibit of the author Luca Spano, with the project “blood shift”.

The project explores underwater sea landscapes around the Sardinian coast, using the border created by the lack of visibility in deep waters as a reflection on the concept of photographic representation.

Luca Spano (1982, Cagliari, Sardinia)

Graduated in Communication at La Sapienza University in Rome, Spano continues his studies in London, where he obtains an MA in photography, at the London College of Communication, and an MFA at Cornell University. Manager of the photographic agency “OnOff Picture” in Rome. He works and lives in New York.

25 May / 3 June 2018: Authorial Exhibition in collaboration with Fujifilm

  • Exhibition of the photographer Francesco Comello (1963, Udine, Italy), winner of the third “World Press Photo” prize in 2017 (category: daily life); name of the work: “L’isola della salvezza” (Salvation Island).

Sulis Tower

Torre del’Esperò Reial, or Sulis tower, owes its name to the tribune Vincenzo Sulis of Cagliari, who locked himself in the tower from 1799 to 1821, during the autonomism uprisings in the late XVIII century. It is the biggest of Alghero’s towers. The entrance door round arch is still visible, although today’s entrance is of recent manufacture. Inside the tower, spiral stairs (in Catalan “a caragòl” – “snail stairs”) lead up to the top floor.

12/24 May 2018: Waiting for ASPA – “Open Monuments” Alghero

  • Pierluigi Dessì, "Invisible Borders".

Photographic work balanced on the concept of border, intended in its more ample and problematic meaning, both doorstep and horizon of events in perpetual urban and anthropological transformation.

Pierluigi Dessì (1964, Cagliari, Sardinia)

Dessì specialises in advertisement photography at the “Scuola Superiore di Comunicazione IED” in Cagliari, where he later returns as teacher of photographic shooting and printing techniques. He is currently part of the directive “IN/ARCH Sardegna”.

Complex of St. Chiara

  • The construction of the former complex of St. Chiara began in 1641 with the founding of the church homonym, next to the ancient church of S. Croce, in the part of the city corresponding to the first settlement in the North. After reconstruction and expansion between XVIII and XIX centuries, in 1912 the New Mercy Hospital was built, with an elongated rectangular shape, flanked by the ancient monastery. The complex was used as a hospital until 1970. After been neglected for thirty years, it has been restored and converted into the definitive location of the Faculty of Architecture.

25/26/27 May 2018: 

  • Exhibit of the author Sergey Melnitchenko - Behind the scenesUkrainian photographer Sergey Melnitchenko tells a period of his life in a Chinese night club. Much more interesting than the stage, life behind the scenes mixes up sex and desolation, adventure and redemption.
  • The Whispering Noise, multimedia installation by Christian Reister – German photographer – guest of many international festivals, such as "Arles’ Photofestiva" (France), and “Fotografia Europea", in Reggio Emilia (Italy). During the week end it will be presented his last project - Rauschen - that, as the previous one, is based on an captivating sound track by Andreas Albrecht.

26 May 2018: 

  • Salvatore Matarazzo will explain his approach to street photography starting from his first publication of Street Photography Versilia, his photographic notebook that he has been taking care of almost every day since 2013. Salvatore will also present his most famous works: Carnival, his first project, Darwin Is Street, a game of photographic diptychs that compares humans and animals, awarded with the third place at the TIFA awards 2016 in the Arte Pro category, it was on display in 2016 at the Pasa Futura Festival of Suwon in South Korea, and Pocket Beach, his latest work, developed in the summer 2017 in a small beach in Marina Di Massa.
  • Photowalk with Salvatore Matarazzo

26/27 May 2018: Workshops

  • "Street Photography" with David Gibson.
  • "Documentary" with Massimo Mastrorillo"Divergent Visions: inhabited time and temporal space”.
  • "Travel" with Gianluca Colla"Travel tales: the narrative value in travel photography”.
  • Portfolio Reviews with Augusto Pieroni.

Lo Quarter complex

The area is occupied by a vast multi-layered architectural complex that has undergone several transformations over the centuries. The redevelopment works and the archaeological excavations started in 2006 have shown that, on the area of the medieval cemetery of San Michele, starting from 1589 the architectural complex of the Jesuit College was built.

It consists of a double body with a longitudinal plan. The volume of the structure is preserved for about two thirds of its development, to degrade in the head towards the sea, with an arched buttress: according to some scholars in it could identify a tower of the disappearance of the medieval city walls. The College was closed in 1773, when the Jesuits left Alghero and among the subsequent uses of the vast building it is worth mentioning that (nineteenth century) as the Carabinieri (italian police) Barracks, which gave the name - still used to indicate the area - of Lo Quarter (Barracks).


25 May 2018: Debate: "On Seeing" - Talking about street

We live in time. Photography has always been asked to select this time; to materialize the moment, the perfection. For many of us, Street Photography is exactly this, an instant of pure uniqueness. In the daily weaving, though, - in confronting an urbanization that attempts ethical reflections, and a present that’s ever more monopolized by social media – single frames don’t count as much as narration and development of a subject in its wholeness. The use of social media, the dynamics of sharing, so rooted into our day, the invasion of technology and a dimension of the news that’s wide open to a reading of the moment and bounced between the antipodes of the globe at a speed earlier unthinkable brings us to reconsider the concept of “genre” itself: while we read the world, while we stop a moment, does it make sense to nestle it in a label, be it street, documentary or travel?

Speakers: David Gibson, Massimo Mastrorillo, Gianluca Colla, Augusto Pieroni and Salvatore Matarazzo. Moderator: Sonia Borsato.

25/26 May 2018: Pinhole Photography Workshop, curated by “Punto Zero” cultural association.

With self-assembled pinhole cameras, realised by modifying tin cans, kids will be involved in taking a picture to develop it in the dark room set up for the occasion. The whole process will be accompanied by the explanations from the staff of “Punto Zero”. Each participant will receive a scan of their own photograph – via email – while the original will be exhibited in the space prepared ad-hoc.

“Punto Zero” cultural association was born in 2016, founded by Stefano Ferrando, Fabio Marras, and Pier Paolo Perra. The association stems from the project “Cagliari Stenopeica” (Pinhole Cagliari), informal collective born in 2012 to spread the practice of photography without lenses.