Civic Theatre

Friday 26th April 2019 (6.30 PM - GMT+2):

Award ceremony for the second edition of ASPA - Alghero Street Photography Awards and proclamation of the "ASPAuthor 2019".

During the ceremony, hosted by journalist Stefania De Michele, all winners of the international contest will be announced. In the presence of the judges Valerio Bispuri, Viviana Gravano, Salvatore Ligios, Simone Sbaraglia, and this edition’s guest of honour, photographer Myriam Meloni, all prize winners will walk onto the stage of the Civic Theatre of Alghero (Sardinia, Italy), where they will be handed their award for ASPAwards' 2019 edition.

We will hence get to know the winners of the categories Travel, Documentary, Street, Research, Insula/Insulaea special theme developed entirely on Sardinian territory – the "Young prize", and the "Blow-Up prize" – dedicated to relevant work in the journalistic field and in the theme of migrations, main topic of this edition. But most of all, at the end of the evening we will reveal the overall "ASPAuthor 2019".

Many will be the photographers coming from all over the world and connecting to the ceremony via Skype to take part in this great celebration of photography, broadcasted for everyone on live streaming here.

Saturday 27th April 2019: 

  • (5.00 PM - GMT+2) Masterclass Valerio Bispuri

WITHIN A STORY | the job of photojournalists today and the relationship with the stories they tell

I have always thought that the difficulty, but also the strength, of photography lie in the ability to balance our own feeling with reality. Only by calibrating our own deep emotions into a real concept without one prevailing on the other can we finally tell a story. V.B.

What it means to be a photographer today. How the idea of photography has changed in the last decades. How much aesthetics prevail on storytelling in the reality of a contemporary reportage. How we get deep into a story. What it means to work for ten years on a project. How to define the inner itinerary that brings one to realise a great reportage. These are some of the themes that Valerio Bispuri will touch in his masterclass. Starting off from a theoretical reflection on reportage, retracing the fundamental concepts for the construction of a reportage of reality. This path will be based upon the true story of Valerio Buspuri’s experience, on the analysis of his work, and on the exchange of impressions with the public.

The masterclass is aimed at all enthusiasts of reportage photography, and to those who intend to confront themselves up close with the work of the photojournalist.

The closing act of the meeting will be dedicated to reading four portfolios, previously chosen by Bispuri among the first twenty students who will confirm their participation and will send in their photographic works.

  • (9.00 PM - GMT+2) Documentary projection
 "Mapplethorpe – Look at the picture" 
(English, subtitled in Italian) by the association Umanitaria of Alghero.
 Introduction by Myriam Meloni.

Presented at Sundance Film Festival 2016.

The life of Robert Mapplethorpe recounted starting from the moment of his death. A portrait of the most controversial artist of the XX century, killed by AIDS in 1989, and who was able to turn photography into contemporary art. His frank homoeroticism caused controversies and debates on what can be defined obscene.
“A lot has been said about Robert, and much more will be said. He will be condemned and venerated, his excesses blamed or romanced. In the end, the truth will be found only in his work. It will not vanish.” Patty Smith

Directed by: Fenton Bailey, Randy Barbato / Edited: Langdon Page
Music: David Banjamin Steinberg / USA, Germany, 2016, 108’

Sunday 28th April 2019 (4.30 PM - GMT+2):

Dialogue with Marco Delogu
On the paths of photography
by Sonia Borsato.

Marco Delogu, born in Rome to Sardinian parents, is an Italian photographer who lives and works in London, where he manages the Italian Institute of Culture. In 1981 he realises his first photographic works on the “inheritance” left by the psychiatric facilities in Italy after the Basaglia laws (which lead to the closure of psychiatric hospitals in Italy), and in America on the relationship between universities and people with disabilities, especially relevant after the influx of Vietnam veterans.

In January 1984 he opens his photo studio, dedicating his time to portrait, theatre photography and fashion photography – the latter eventually abandoned entering the ‘90s, after numerous collaborations with Vogue Italia, Harper’s Bazaar, W, and other international magazines of the sector. In the ‘90s he realizes over 200 marketing campaigns, both national and international, which allows him to conduct his research autonomously and to subsequently found, in 2003, his publishing house Punctum, specialised in photography, and his bookstore Oneroom.

In 2002 he created FotoGrafia. Festival Internazionale di Roma, in which he is the artistic director; the festival has now reached its XIII edition and saw the participation of big names in contemporary photography, and in 2009 the Phc Capalbio Fotografia.
Since 2003, within the Festival, he creates and curates for the Commissione Roma, a large project open to all great international photographers, asking them to portray the city of Rome in total interpretative freedom. This project made Rome the only city in the world to have put its international “portrait” in the hands of the elite of international photography.

In October 2008 the Academy of France Villa Medici in Rome dedicated a great retrospective exhibit to him, titled “Noir et Blanc”. In July 2015 he moves to London to direct the Italian Institute of Culture in London. In 2017, on the Asinara island, he realises a “lunar” portrait of the pain and beauty of the place.

Permanent events at the Theatre (from the 26th of April):

  • Moto Contrario_ work in progress. Pierluigi Calignano, Marcello Cinque, Pier Paolo Luvoni
  • Exhibition of historical cameras by Circolo filatelico, numismatico, del collezionismo e modellismo di Alghero

Former Civic Market

Friday 26th April 2019: 

  • (9.00 PM - GMT+2) Inauguration of the exhibit of the winning works

After seeing them projected on a screen in the theatre, the moment has come to see the winning works of the second edition of the Alghero Street Photography AwardsMore than 100 photos will narrate the world in its complexity, in its evolution and continuous transformation. The outcome of the judges’ votes exhibited within the evocative frame of the former Civic Market, which will host the exhibit until the 26th May.

But it wouldn’t be a worthy start without a toast all together! 
This will be possible thanks to a selection of wines offered by the Vigne Surrau vinery of Arzachena, and a buffet offered by Officine di Idee.

  • (9.30 PM - GMT+2) Performance of the composer Arrogalla

Francesco Medda, electronic composer and live performer born in Quartu sant’Elena in 1981, will be embellishing our visit to the exhibit and the entire evening. Since 2003 he leads Arrogalla, a dub project that find its inspiration in Sardinian traditions, landscapes and environments. Along with the dub, a sound research project is being developed, tied to sound landscapes and contemporary music. Francesco Medda performed all over Europe, and published material for national and international labels.