The Street, la Strada.

ASPrestarts from here.

In this second edition, it returns to its natural context, re-elects its playfield, photographic and philosophical. From a powerful seed like an international contest, opportunity for aggregation and recall, a festival flourishes, a mostly convivial moment that lends itself to sharing and reflection. Starting from the street and back to the street, swinging from the carrer to the rest of the world.

The image is always at the centre of our work. Photographic, of course.

With all its reckless forms, its curious peregrinations. Although arbitrary and partial, you find it once again "organized and orderly" in the sections that addressed the competition: Travel, Street, Documentary, Research and Insula/Insulae category - Special Theme carried out entirely in Sardinia and which tells precisely the plurality of the Island - plus a section dedicated to the youngest. But in this edition, even more than in the first one, we wanted to give attention to works that stood out for their particularly incisive eye placed on everyday life. This is why the Blow-Up Award was born, a special recognition that indicates the pace and vision of ASPA, it reveals the poetics, the will to stop and, in the noise, to freeze the image and thought, to give meaning and depth. The Blow-Up Award is given to works that, among all the projects submitted in all categories, are distinguished by an audacious reading of relevant topics in daily life, journalistic boldness, courage to investigate, expressive maturity and for a specific attention reserved to the theme of the edition that, in this second year, focuses on the theme of Migration.

Migration is not ONLY that of the newscasts, that of the shouted and speculated politic. It is ALSO that. But that already has a precise place in a different show schedule. We would like to carve out the space of sedimentation, plurality and contradictoriness that becomes wealth.

Talking about Migration today means touching important ethical, political and economic issues. We know it well. Feeling - without empty rhetoric - the drama of departures without ever arrivals, the eradications full of hope, the physical and emotional deaths, we would like to try to tell the meaning of a Migration which, in its current manifestation, so difficult to categorize, is radically changing contemporary civilization. We would like to try by looking at the present holding firmly the origins; remembering, that is, that we are children of the movement, born of the seduction of an elsewhere.   - And who more than us islanders can know it?! - For evolutionary reasons we have traced paths redrawing the face of the world, mixing races, inventing maps, marking boundaries where they did not exist. We have constantly migrated - sometimes out of necessity, others out of curiosity - always pushing ourselves a little further, beyond the fear of the unknown and the desire for knowledge, learning to decline an even though precarious definition of identity. An identity that we still invoke as a flat life vest in a contemporary that struggles.

ASPA in this second edition restarts from here, from an intersecting of streets that tries to draw the face of a planet for which we are responsible, to trace a precarious identity concept, embracing the logic of difference, in the look first of all. A look that is a way to inhabit and create the world.