Full immersion day dedicated to "Street Portrait", together with photographer Salvatore Matarazzo, who will help you to break through your shyness on the street, guiding you through the technical use of flashlights with his gruff and informational approach. Situations will be challenging but also stimulating, rich in sensations that each of you will be able to interpret with a personal touch. We will walk through the town centre and through the suburbs, with day and night lights, leaving the beaten path to catch those elements that often – and unjustly – are left marginalised. During this walk we will exchange impressions, we will solve doubts and, at the end of the day, we will analyse and compare our photographic material.

Salvatore Matarazzo, two-time finalist at the Miami Street Photography Festival, has worked on several personal and collective exhibits, among which: Pasa Festival 2016 (Suwon – South Korea) and Pntremoli Foto Festival 2017 (Italy). Since 2004 he works as photographer for newpapers, editorial photography agencies and touristic-estate agencies. It's about 5 years ago that he encountered Street Photography: a personal and characterising approach, continuously experimental, that highlights the protagonist of his space through an almost grotesque game of lights and shades. Matarazzo has instilled this approach in his most recent woeks, dedicated to personal and corporate branding.

He is a member of the international collectives “Full Frontal Flash” and “Elephant Gun”. Here you will see his last work: https://vimeo.com/241686160

For more information about the photowalk, please send an email to eventi@aspawards.com