Put your work to the test. Test the validity of you selection or the articulation of your sequence. Verify if your project, your language, you personality, are the way you think they are. Discuss all these aspects with Augusto Pieroni, recognized and esteemed critic of contemporary art, curator, and essayist. Formerly professor of history of photography at Sapienza University of Rome and Tuscia University (VT) Pieroni teaches “Visual arts and Creative Personal Project” at the “Scuola Romana di Fotografia” (Photography School of Rome), “Critical Analysis and Portfolio Construction” at “Officine Fotografiche”, and “History of Photography” at “IED-Moda” and “RUFA”. His latest book is “Portfolio! Costruzione e lettura delle sequenze fotografiche”. 

Book one or more twenty-minute slots, sit back and talk photography: your photography. Your projects, intentions and intuitions will be at the centre of a participated reading meant to understand and to grow, sharing thoughts, perspectives and view-points. The level of the material can be beginner, advanced, and semi-pro. It is preferred to have one-two printed projects: analysis through a screen is possible, but not encouraged. Prints will have to be of good quality and no more than 25. Format must be between 10x15 and 20x30 cm (excluding “instant” material and particular executions).

For more information about the workshop, please send an email to eventi@aspawards.com