TALES OF TRAVELLING: the narrative value in travel photography.

Two days workshop with Gianluca Colla who will teach how to tell stories through pictures, the ultimate goal of many travel photographers. Not only to capture a unique and unmissable moment, but to manage to describe, through a series of images, an experience that can involve the eye as much as the senses of smell, hearing, and – most of all – emotions.

Learning how to set the narratives of a photographic tale, which choices to make during a trip in order to optimize photographic possibilities, how to approach different people and cultures, which images to choose in the final edit and why: this is “tales of travelling”, a workshop that is designed with the intention of providing each participant with the useful instruments to bring far away stories a little closer.

The two-day workshop will alternate between practical training and moments of class-learning in an equipped space. Max participants allowed: 10.

Gianluca Colla is a photographer and videographer, dedicating his life telling meaningful stories through his images. He captures a changing and evolving world, giving emphasis to smaller, unknown stories, through a colorful, strong and vibrant imagery. His artistic journey has led him to some of the most beautiful and desolate areas of the world, joining expeditions in the Amazon, the Arctic and the Antarctic Circle, India, Costa Rica and Iceland to name but a few.

He’s member of the National Geographic Creative agency and his work has been published, among others, in the National Geographic Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times and, Bloomberg News.

For more information about the workshop, please send an eamil to eventi@aspawards.com